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Thứ Hai, 18 tháng 1, 2010

duy khanh

        Duy Khanh real name was Nguyen Van Diep hometown of An Cu Village, Trieu Phong, Quang Tri province, the family of University Women-chief of Korea Than Nguyen Van Tuong Nguyen. Duy Khanh musicians went 12-month military service, accepting military training in Quang Trung Training Center in 1957 when at age 20. Active in 1965 and served in the Art Department of Psychology Department Office War. After some time switch to Special Group Art Central Office of the General Department of Political War.
       In the field of art, artist Duy Khanh popular name from the late '50s, and early in the year 60, he wrote a number of music products, including all of the central Vietnam has increased by name Duy Khanh age of new music in the village of Vietnam.
          In the last months of his life, he emptied the disease. On January 10th 2003, about 600 people, mostly family friendly, the English love song, music and Duy Khanh, were present in the soiree, entitled "English Love Singing And The Ta Duy Khanh Music "stubs took at 9:30 pm Friday, January 10th past, in the Majestic Dance School, the city Huntington Beach, Orange County county.
Duy Khanh was born in 1936 (Binh Ty), has another nickname for the singer career: Tang Hong, Hoang Thanh. 

1964 he married European Phung, a United American women, born two children. Two people were later divorced.

* After the event April 30, 1975, he stayed in Vietnam.

* Mid-1980s he married and lived in her Thuy Hoa Vung Tau.

* By 1988, he was guaranteed to the United States, where he continued singing and composing.

* He died at 12 am February 12, 2003 at the hospital Fountain Valley, Orange County, Calif.


        In 1952, Duy Khanh won the first prize competitions select artists on French radio to Asia in Hue Moon peaceful song. Then he moved to Saigon to pursue a singing career.

       In Saigon, he began recording vinyl and go everywhere, gradually known as Hoang Thanh. He became one of the three are the most popular male voice, along with Duy Trac, Ngoc Anh. This period of his name associated with the sound effects are all folk songs and "new folk" by Pham Duy: home spouse, date back, Remember the invalids, poor Love, Que poor, on central. .. then changed the name Duy Khanh technology. Word "mind" of Pham Duy, also "Khanh" is the name of a friend of his.

          In 1965, he along with female diva Thai Thanh school ca recorded version of the path of Pham Duy. Then the two people singing school ca mother in Vietnam. So far, two schools ca still associated with vocal Thanh Thai, Duy Khanh.

         He started writing music in 1959, his music often talk about the love homeland, bringing a bit of Hue folk songs and received warmly, from composing the two hands: Who out of Hue, in central Commerce.

       After April 30, 1975, he was banned from singing for a long time, then established Que Huong Music Group, brings together musicians Chau States, the Japanese bank, the singer Ngoc Minh, Nha Phuong, Bao Yen ... After to the U.S. in 1988, his song exclusively for the Village Office Center, then separated, founded the center Truong Son continued to sing and teach music to life.

         Duy Khanh in his voice, hear sound effects drumming ancient city, free information ring on Vong Canh Hill
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    +Memorial at Duy Khanh Vietnamese Music
                Little Saigon, Westminster - Music artist Duy Khanh, one of the stronger taste free songs, free peoples of the situation years ago in 1975, has died right lunch 12-2, in Orange County, Southern California, after a period of forest disease, enjoy life 65 years.

            Singer Khanh Duy famous by songs like "Who out of Hue", "of the central Vietnam", "Please keep him home full love," "Old School old", "This way the mother land", " Beautiful Hue, Hue poetry, "When you forget," "Rain fly in life," "Why not see him for" ... the hospital had to Fountain Valley, Orange County since May 12-2002, as many patients at once, such as kidney, liver, heart ... as words since her Thuy Hoa, wife of musicians Duy Khanh.

             During the long period in hospital is singer Duy Khanh crowded colleagues to visit, while his wife and three children, a son (Truong Son, 27 years old) and 2 girls (Quynh Tien, 25, and Quynh Trang, 22 years old) as alternate care.

             Duy Khanh during hospitalization artists co-workers also held a "Night Ta Love free music song and the same Duy Khanh" at 9 pm Friday 10-1-2003 at discotheques Majestic, Orange County and succeed beyond expectations of the organizers, with the contribution of free male and female singers such as Thanh Thuy, Thanh Mai, Kim Tuyen, Nguyen Hung, Hoang Oanh, Phuong Hong Que, Tran Quoc Bao, Bao Yen ...

             Duy Khanh born in Central arid gravel stones, An Cu Village, India, Trieu Phong, Quang Tri province in 1936 (Binh Ty) in an ethnic family expectations.

            Real name was Nguyen Van Diep. Getting started singing with Tang Hong technology list, select any team winning singer of Radio France Asia in about 1955, Binh Thanh Trang sang.

           Later renamed Thanh Hoang Duy Khanh and finally today (Duy Khanh is the name of a close childhood friend of lack of time, the feedback in Quang Tri, has died in France from long ago).

          In addition to singers, Duy Khanh also composed music, he wrote many valuable music, notably the article: Thinking of the Central, ever Forget Em, Know Answer stars, Ai Ra xu Hue. Etc. ..

          A very recent afternoon, before serious ill health, (though previously in the hospital many times), he told the sad sad voice and eyes of red-colored short:

             "I write 'Happy Chia Xa' the sea off the Pacific coast, but the numbness is Vietnam to remember about relationships with friends also love to stay home.

             After the events in 1975, his outdoor goods and individual lot, because I only live in early vocal and vocal music, this song was banned, he crashed into depression and drink more. Now Vietnam who still stuck at that new understanding: that drinking all alcohol drinking poison, like a form of suicide by little men; for a look around just in all black.

             When the music groups are allowed to operate again, Duy Khanh loan list Information Culture established local groups Que Huong, brings together many talented artists of the South before 1975, such as Asia States, Japan Bank (Deputy Group, sub - Foreign service charge, such as permission, from beach terminals, etc. ..), singer Ngoc Minh, Nha Phuong, Bao Yen etc. .. very successful.

            At that time his compensation is very high, life is sung before more than sufficient, but the mood is still sad. He booze and probably caused by the illness today.

    Only to the United States was inaugurated on 10-8-1988.

              In the U.S., initially, in addition to performances everywhere, tape, collection plate, he also signed exclusive songs for the Sing-Along Music Center Ice. After two contracts with chronic Village Office, he established tape music center Truong Son, work some time ...

    Duy Khanh (1938-2003)
    vocalist feel a gold transmission
    full self nation, no longer
    Do Van Phuc
              Quang Tri on land two small poor rainy season burning sun beams that has produced talent know how popular the areas of religion, academic, cultural, arts. Top leaders of major religions, the leaders of political parties on the country and destiny from the place of Quang Tri where the list. Especially in the post-sale 20th century, Quang Tri has contributed to the new art music literature Vietnam many eminent talents, but their career was solid gold in the over half a century. This is the music Professor Nguyen Huu Ba, musicians Hoang Thi Tho, Nguyen Huu Thiet, Do Kim Bang, Hoang Nguyen, Tran Hoan, and singer songwriter Duy Khanh.
               Duy Khanh real name is Nguyen Van Diep, born in 1938 in Quang Tri. He started his career as a singer since 1954 then transferred to writing music from the early years of the decade 60. He is a true children of Quang Tri. Once the name famous nationwide audience with millions of fans, young musicians handsome big high was not removed but the decline is not very proud of the original area of their homeland poverty: "I was born Central to the heart, positive lobe domain, wild field the sour salt water; village life requires of me plowing "(Tinh Ca Que Huong). He spoke, contact press, broadcasting television with a voice full of Quang Tri have been living away from home even in the 50-year term on the city, the capital of the south, on land or tolerated the United States. The right words as musician Pham Duy said the day he put down the other side of the world: "The vocalist Duy Khanh, hear sound effects drumming ancient city, free information ring on Vong Canh hill"  

             Duy Khanh musicians, but throughout the life and career associated with the new Southern music, has become a symbol for heart faithful earnest love their homeland; the pride of the mountain for the Mai River Although rare in any generation, whether in any locality in which the four European sea. As the youngest in a family of pressure groups expected, the original village of An Cu, Trieu Phong (lineage of Nguyen Van Tuong Quan, Dai district Accessories god sword is much death in the Nguyen Dynasty kings). Day was only raised in a traditional education seriously Confucian and Buddhist influences. Than he was born Nguyen Van Triển instruments, taught school before becoming Chief

            Administrative Office Province of QT. Development tools (commonly known as his Support Development) is the chairman of Buddhism in the province, each time the MPs Second Republic, there are many great prestige in the province. Duy Khanh mother was the daughter of the old Lang Do Van Cong Yao, customs district Auctions Canal Village, Trieu Phong, a woman is exemplary, rigorous. Duy Khanh family has six siblings, three boys, three girls, but now only one brother and one sister still live in France and in Canada.
    Getting started:
               After primary school passed in 1949, Duy Khanh, as well as the rich power in the province, was for parents to learn to Hue High School program. Because at that time, in Quang Tri is not High School. Main deposits even in this ancient capital, Duy Khanh find their way right to the advancement of the natural ability you. Ideas also need to consider a little more: in the holidays in 1952, Duy Khanh was held in Quang Tri Province Association festival in the temple. He played and sang Remember The Invalids of Pham Duy, including the sentence: "Chang has amputated amputated hands on." Duy Khanh was correct, "Chang has amputated the leg, and hop on stage . Duy Khanh, then get the nickname Hong Tang, Saigon was once involved in the program took new music in the secondary theater bongAnh song duet with singer Tuyet Mai are very dark love song home. In a sub-program performed at theaters Thanh Binh, on Pham Ngu Lao, next to peace, he was first exposed to music by Pham Duy. In 1955, he won first select French radio singer in Asia through the song Moon Hue Thanh Binh.
    The opposition of his family not chun step. He moved permanently to Sai Gon began singing on the festival stage, radio, and started collecting vinyl. or cooperate with the university Hoang Thi Tho by touring around the country. At this time, he is a singer best known. Ngoc Anh, Duy Trac is well-known singer but the song just limited to label tapes, radio with pre-war music is very selective, while Duy Khanh, the choice tends to folk music , very successful as easily with the tastes of the majority over. He was once known for the version: Tiếng Em Ma Em, spouse Que, On Back, Remember The Invalids, Love Poor, Poor homeland, on Central. ..

                After a change of nickname Hoang Thanh, he finally chose the name Duy Khanh. Duy Khanh letter from a friend a family name Pham Huu Khanh (son Pham Tri Tool, served as deputy chief of Quang Tri Province) was killed in France. He kept this name to the end of life.
    User Name:
              See the future of Young vibrant nursery this artist, musician Pham Duy invited him to participate in programs on radio Xuan Hoa Saigon with Sunday School, Mai Truong, Tran Ngoc, Y Van. Duy Khanh Tenor voice of the band singing in the morning thanks to the free, powerful and rich power budget. He may strain to 21 and spans from low to high over the bowl of a gentle surf kites as softness in space. There are times, he presented the Hope On Green Tape Khanh musician, he links the bank so long applause the audience to clap on Wednesday that he remains free of bank quietly disappear gradually into.
    Indeed Pham Duy - and even later composers such as Tram Tu Thien, the Japanese bank, Pham The My - the earth revealed: "The transfer by vocalist Duy Khanh feel of the music that our products are all known and warmly applauded. "Two schools ca The Road The Vietnam Quan and I can become immortal through the best free songs of Vietnam. That Thanh Thai and Duy Khanh. Pham Duy has again publicly expressed his gratitude to the secret account in the list on the funeral of Duy Khanh in Orange County 2-2003 past month. He said that the Thai Duy Khanh and Thanh have reproduced two of his school ca.
              Early 60 years, Duy Khanh often sing the music of the product Health Van, Le Thuong, Hoang Thi Tho, Lam Phuong, Truc Phuong. Three Hon Vong Phu Le Commerce has taken him to the peak of millions of fans in the heart of Southern audience. Voice when he is busy as the drums to match nuom nuop Army hit the road as the voice of the homeland; when the gentle absorption đượm the feelings of the woman standing in the rain bồng wind patience to wait for her husband so into the rock; when the choke scents of fresh news images back to the main ideas ladies find his wife and children dear, but is broken in the soul when he saw his wife flowers. Duy Khanh not only sing but also to express all their feelings for each music content to make people listen to harmonize each emotion is vivid words of poetry and he sounds great. The talent that god is only in favor bestowed little talent.
                   Since late 1959, Duy Khanh began writing music. The debut of the music he writes about homeland Central: Central Trade On, Who's Out of Hue, Bao Em Forget hours, followed by all: Price from Da Lat, Tinh Ca Que Huong, Sao Not Found On UK later so, Divider Hue Hue Tho, countryside Future, Go From fields Dong Bao La. His music tunes with a Hue, sometimes set tha, steadfast; bright sometimes flexible. Ca but no words to refine seven ball in the words of the anthem of pre-war composers, but sincere, earnest people go straight to the heart with emotion bồi gentle vibration feedback.
                  Two music composed by him is the first of the central Vietnam and Hue Ai Ra reminded many of the photos on the Huong River shader disease in night moon or ring the free information on the way let Ngu Binh Mountain. Reply ca passionate voice in the brain gut very sad tunes Hue as primary customers include heart travels away from home first. His words in light music, set tha, chan contains a passionate love forget flavor, true. He did not use the cliche, the word real-time upper kêu that only simple language of common people. His music is not difficult to sing, but only when singing or singing with a soul is Chinese, very Quang Tri, Hue is. He did not write music celebrating the brother sister sentiment common; that often integrated into the context of a major homeland war disrepair (Answer Know Why, The Mail on Girls' Wear this, expect rain Bay, Chia Tay Mua, Night helpless, Color Purple flowers Sim old days Up Up In Ba). I guess that after Ms. Kieu Oanh, sister of drummer Linh Giang since he retired to get married, he wrote the How Now Forget Em. I have met her once in Quang Kieu Oanh of the two upcoming farewell. Ms. Oanh very beautiful, beautiful as the girl in the war. Only the North, said food is light, suffering the elite bar, very charming. Today she is wearing a bright yellow long dress. Sometimes sad eyes looked distant with, she told him: "Now, one section, only do business again sorry." After this time, he has worn suspension singer Thanh Thuy, but no clear connection to the situation where . Thanh Thuy said she only sang excellent music Bao Em Forget his hours. She still maintain excellent communication with him, still singing the music with Truong Son regularly.
    +Duy Khanh: The troops on the cultural front:
           Unlike politicians to write the manifesto heavy iron nail cutting, music and lyrics anthem of his words have power over thousands of ancient arms wake hometown pride, inspire young generations to make way fulfill the duties for home mother (British World Online, Gospel British Soldier Keep Hamlet, edit on Mother Earth countryside Future). He sent a private soldier in the frontier than thousand words sincere single sheet media psychological warfare (British World Online, Please Hold UK Universal Love Que, Ca Khuc Truong Sa Class Actinopterygii). In addition to the music he composed, he selected the songs of country music's self-love, send sincere comfort to the soldiers frontier; for the soldier he is a force of Army South Vietnam. He fought actively and effectively on the front during the length of psychological war against Communist Vietnam. He did not serve audiences often love, eat, play where the line density in the urban music sight nhí love, because love mourning pain side pains. He served a majority of mass suffering because of separation, disintegration, death as a result of the policy of aggression Hanoi. He made music, singing to serve the country, including the poor countryside, where he opened his eyes Quang Tri was born and grew up between buying glasses disorder. Thus, the audience love him, including all classes of masses. Ca his words always been on the band radio, television, from the capital to the provinces remote tens years; Both today in the heart of the Communist regime, the Vietnam stalk has introduced the CD and +enjoy his work overseas.
             Pham Duy was not too respond when Duy Khanh said that the musician's hometown. He has left life on the thirty-value music has brought negative effects folk just bring the contents of the full ethnic and computer. Those in mid 60, he self-published collection of 1001 music songs Hay, a couple of months. Beer music mostly by artist Chau Thuy Kha presented with tickets to any unique features completely different from the classical presentation of the artist Phi Hung. Duy Khanh sampling targeting body and color cover. He used offset printing on paper so Lang music songs Hay 1001 customers often eye-catching than the other music. Also this time, he released the tape and plastic Truong Son for a big receiver with prevalent. When the apartment Tran Hung Dao, his open class training to build both a singer and a new kindergarten class. The singer and his group Truong Son, also a singer at the upper surplus as Thai Thanh, Hoai Bac, Thanh Thuy; the rest singer most often as second, Hoang Oanh, Thanh Tuyen, Phuong Dung, Xuan Thu or the new singer to do his teaching and the tape wheel drag Chau. Or through 1001 songs and music by Truong Son that his musician Dung Chinh, Phuong Dung singer is known for the Color Purple flowers Sim.

            During this time, very close to Duy Khanh Truc Phuong musicians and hand Nguyen Dinh Nghia star. Almost all the music by Truc Phuong Duy Khanh to work are introduced in the 1001 song with music and Hay Truong Son. Duy Khanh Dac also very interested in the Rain Half Night, The Road Bring Em name of Truc Phuong. When Duy Khanh organizing the festival, he never forgot the old metal chime, the Danish war and take the flute free guitar, drums. Reply ca Duy Khanh tape usually opened with tone flute scholarship bank deposits fall by Nguyen Dinh Nghia. That is also an aesthetic athletes have body beautiful, muscular cysts hatch through meticulous practice. Nhac Truc Phuong also sometimes listen to do, but words are a bit strange ears. Later, Duy Khanh often sing the music romantic melodies Bolero, Tango Habanera of musicians Truc Phuong, Chau States, Britain Bang, Le Dinh, Pham The U.S..
    +Personal stories:
                His life is an epitome of loving-kindness, tolerance, faithful measure with friends, family rights. Of course the liberal artist life of love. England
    always surrounded by beautiful girls ready for offering all their fans. But faithful to his wife while still living. First Love is his
    the singer Tuyet Mai, who sometimes sing along with him at start up. Ms. Tuyet Mai birth to his two children. Around 1964, he married her Cub Phung, a female arms
    the beautiful in the Universe Binh Hong Liu. Ms. Cub Phung Hoa people, high and very beautiful way her husband. Two siblings city rent two floors Tran Quang Khai, Tan
    Specified, and pharmaceutical birth to two children. Now he moved her to a small house in the alley Nguyen Trai. This is the time he was trouble with the military scene and was taken to

              Quang Trung Training Center to become soldiers nhì Nguyen Van Diep. He served in Special Doan Van Nghe Central Department of Psychology War. Day
    day, he openly chinense Suzuki cars to the Red Cross Road, near the Thi Nghe, to work. Held last week festival, when the National Theater in Thanh, when in
    Theater Hung Dao. Each have the opportunity to Saigon, I prefer to be with her every day to take him to the theater waiting for his song was done to pull together on a consistent three Thua

               Pham Ngu Lao street or consistent meat goats nhau nhet Minh Mang. Ðám you follow him as musician, musicians are up to 5, 7 people. He does not smoke but drink
    much beer, there was two brothers drinking contest, each counting 21 full bottles. Often his ivory tusks, sitting in the seats for title despite your camera into the pocket he paid
    Eating and raise money to him on the taxi. My favorite vocalist is very skilled but do not like his music he sang and his voice after a singer in the group Truong Son. He knows this and seems unhappy. Near him a lot but I see he has never expressed anger with whom excessive. He is gentle and mild. Very angry
    only damage is the same one hour. There are times I take the whole lot you see tigers at the National Theater Thanh, they do not sit in an audience seat properly on the claim that
    stage, the two sides stood back to chicken wings she flirted with the singer. They do interfere with the artists in the presentation. He just me, or one and only. But enough do I fear much.
    The look of a great new youth ignoring the outside of the glamor, Duy Khanh is a very happy. He has enough all: fame, money and always
    She was surrounded by young beautiful young woman. His room in an apartment in Tran Hung Dao after the separation with her Cub Phung, always several girls
    chực he was standing waiting for the little Love Techniques. She has even up to his bedroom, not to pursue some. Around this time he befriended singer By Chau.
    He had not much money as people think first. Hard artist, which is the end of that line. Spend post-hi, friends and variable Danzhou edge. The court nhau nhet
    the thousands of silver. Beer flows like streams, buy extra food on the table. There are usually climbing mustache he wore in court or in his room he lì a week half a month. Once in
    1971, when I visit him from the unit, he went away from work. In his music room of the C. bẹp lying in bed, he looks tired. C. me: "Thằng Khanh it out tao
    Now this whole week eating nothing at all. Are you going to tao search out what little belly and talk later. "He turned out he was hungry and are not nearly as popular down floor Pallete

    to go to the restaurant before a few dozen meters.

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