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Thứ Hai, 18 tháng 1, 2010

Nhat Truong_Tran Thien Thanh

Nguyen Tran
(Record feelings when viewing DVD Asia 50 Tran Thien Thanh Nhat Truong)
By far, many Japanese fans Truong Tran Thien Thanh of which I often wonder why if the center with music programs held in honor of famous musicians such as Lam Phuong, Van Phung, Hoang Thi Tho, Ngo Thuy Mien, Song Ngoc, Tu Cong Phung, Chau States, Quoc Dung, Huynh Anh ... that does not have a program about one of the Japanese School musicians Financial flower of the South, at my very think it is a great injustice to him. To book today titled DVD Asia 50 "Japanese School Tran Thien Thanh, love life career. He did not die where he "was born partly cleared the disturbed and perhaps hidden uất my course I solemnly received the souvenirs it as a valuable mental real great. And now I invite you to step into the flower garden Japanese music school to remember the distant homeland of a major war.
         Tran Thien Thanh mention music is referred to soldiers, the boys' pen Research classified by the melon supply "sacrifice the life ad lad, leaving behind the fun of youth with his family to his wife and children got into the the fire protection of ammunition by vital for both the South. Looks like the Japanese School born to feel and share the same living situation with the soldier center. That is music to his troops have captured nearly half of more than 200 of his music.

     Music program is the opening "You do not die where he" wrote about latex red hero, Captain Nguyen Van Duong artillery Although the Vietnamese Community in the base flood can call artillery school Carpeting a region extensive land to destroy all enemy forces and ... he was always the brave sacrifice in 1971. The music singer Thanh Lan presented with scents so touched to choke down as she had been singing of the first 43 years by now. I remember in the movie theater "He is not where he died, Thanh Lan and Sunday School to close in a few viewers thought of medicine as Captain Nguyen Van Duong and Tran Thi Le her students are standing in front. 

        The next music is music that Tran Thien Thanh first composed in 1958, that the "Han Mac Tu" by Y Phung Thanh Thuy and performance, which is a combination of old and new singers are also initiatives unique in Central Asia during the program. Vocalist Thanh Thuy still bloom bureaucracy nực son, Y Phung, although still new enough to make them sing with her offline. Then, Truc Mai singer sang the "Han Mac Tu" in Viet Nam on the first old was also invited to the stage to tell some sad memories happy with the Japanese School. To make sure someone is wondering why the birth of music called Tran Thien Thanh Han Mac Tu. Because he likes this poet? As I think the Japanese School of very serious situation because the province, he was born and raised in Phan Thiet, where Mr. Hoang inert broker Floor overlooking the sea and also the location where an account poet par silver flowers for ill y. Also Phan Thiet also saw desperate love affair across the left of Han Mac Tu Mong Cam and the beautiful people that inspired him to write music so. Truc Mai on this occasion as well as a commemorative happy about the financial musicians flowers, in 1962, with her Japanese school and meet some artists Phan Thiet car performance. When the car to the forest is where the Vietnamese Communist usually the wrong night, the car stopped to siblings artists break in the customs line, he asked a Sunday school beverage sales that sell AK not? But because he said too quickly (it is a habit), so Japanese School salesperson asked Coca idea came no answer. Sunday School is back to talk with friends, "Now do not bring to myself to sell.
       The next music is "Sea salt" by the Japanese School (the old scene) and Dang The Luan presented. I love his voice from early Sunday School is a romantic white students hands full, now listen Now still enjoy the little table, system trade-lived because he was sorry we leave that to go to the free communication. Dang The Luan young singers have sweet voice communications please feel easy to attract people. The origin of this love song, it is in China Finance for a flight to Nha Trang performance, horizontal plane sky at Phan Thiet, Japan Field of view over the waters that covered the home stretch with a unperturbed system and get inspiration paper should write the song "Salty Sea".

         Singer Anh Khoa, Phan Thiet with a Japanese flavor the school tells the sad the happy life "underground''songs after" Liberation ". Siblings artists really groggy telecom systems themselves is Japanese School should be banned from singing "singing underground" make remote villages. As in Ca Mau, not happy happy promptly licensed "sung" is performed just before being banned only. Sunday School is said to contain Anh Khoa "sing their union is union Giang waves. You know the name of union song has meaning? Dear is the morning of the same union.
       One of the most famous love songs of the Tran Thien Thanh Lang Lang gentle tunes and lyrics ca is a lyrical romantic "love ái Castle" is presented by the UK Science and beautiful after a made in USA Dalena prolonged absence. Bass vocalist with the warm sweetness that additional action is very romantic nature, the artist has made me relive youth dreaming sessions with wonderful dating butterfly flowers on the streets of love leaves me lat inclusion on hair streams down smooth, the white shirt of the request process raw pupil. Who of us without at least once immersed in the dream castle built with expected ái tình. Financial flowers and young musicians have to say instead that we dream it.   

 Castles in the wild lovely
He just built its own to pick
Nam Loc is the MC to remind new music on the old village has four top male singer but it is often called the Four universe. That is Duy Khanh Hung Cuong, Finished Linh Truong and Japan. Singer Mai Le Huyen mao also add a third draft of the religious group from this universe is like the green so song with Duy Khanh Thanh Thuy, Linh regime coupled with Thanh Tuyen, Truong Nhat Thanh Lan and notices are eating alone Hung Cuong sure like the leopard should sing with Mai Le Huyen ... all the comments are. Next to the slide show a few pictures of Japanese school life with his first wife, Mrs. Tran Thi Lien (Tran Thien Thanh Toan's mother). Contact her love story was a reminder of her young musicians financial and flowers are so romantic poetry and Japanese School wrote music for his first love affair. What makes the audience emotion is strewn over how things change and although I moved the two had separated but still referred to the Contact her ex-husband with all heart. And beyond the altar she has set right between the Japanese School in Bao Loc. Design is an idea that proved that he is human friendly in any circumstances.        

Soldiers or music and fun of Tran Thien Thanh sure the "Love letter of troops" was presented by vocalist Trish cute and lively contribution of Asia 4. Use backpack to discuss a request to write in a way forest stationed. Oh! Why it romantic romantic than young men to cheer only war hero my training ơi lovely flowers!         

Next, Vietnamese regime Dzung asked how Linh feelings when he was honored as one of the music quartet based regime Linh answer is too afraid to name calling and again from now "the head and three broken mother" only It has a head one only. (Sao hear that resonance as "a temple columns" than his regime Linh ơi!) Finished Linh also enable the human eyelid Sunday School Referee flowers always found a nice block surrounded. But have so! Now, the two vocalists from second generation regime Vu Phuong Linh and sang "low deciduous" and "Mind the young soldier. Song "low deciduous" Tran Thien Thanh written to commemorate friends study in Phan Thiet, Lieutenant Vu Manh Hung, great captain TQLC heroic sacrifice in the Binh Loi bridge at Tet Offensive. Spirit is based processing plants surviving head of the quartet singing or spent, but the singing children Vu Phuong ca also do. Ca listen to "sing for people who are just down the way through, my heart in the belief business unfortunately chun who sacrificed in the fight to protect freedom of the South.        

In the talk show, singer Thanh Lan, a beautiful song with Japanese usually identified as outside the school financial situation put music, Japanese School also has the ability to write a movie script or something special that she is always portrayed with district him. By the public opinion that has two "eyelid together" and music "When people love me cry" by Tran Thien Thanh Thanh Lan has written for her to cry when he saw while filming drama. This also bolsters the Thanh Lan Oh no clear confirmation that the young musicians we are down to the Sun which said that a stock where to eat.
Own version of "When the love I cry" Nguyen Khang is the warm bass voice gently, still Ngoc Ha love the song "On the top winter Quiet as ru, singing love songs is" her job "that.
Tran Thien Thanh in music, sometimes we see popular music from the famous poet Ha Huyen Chi, Thuy Yen ... To the song "Afternoon on the Tam Giang poet Su Yen Thuy. Tam Giang Lagoon in Thua Thien is intersection of three rivers Ô Lau, Bo and Huong Giang province before emptying into the sea. I have heard that Tran Thien Thanh was popular music of this poem in a helicopter flight over the sun Tam Giang. Through music, two female singers and Uyen Le Thien Kim for the excellent voice baryton cloudy sky cloud has its silver body parts of the words young people in children 20 years of fierce battle in the South.         

Until now, despite having more than 40 years, I have not forgotten the free Truc Mai with the song "Seven days would wait" by Tran Thien Thanh. Her voice soaring high holy meat as free nightingale singing in the dawn sun warm gentle. Now that last adventure canvas origin of life, sat listening hybridization Truc Mai also love the old days with music, I see heart imperial eagle touched soul and gently drop into the sky peaceful ancient memories, a time of seven days But remember the wait would love "one way". Next, free song Y Phuong young music through the same point as shown in more cultural diversity of the technology.          

More entries later, Thanh Toan and Thanh Tuyen with the "Love Story Mong Thuong" has revived talk of love the heart of the Middle Captain BDQ Pham Thai and the girls Miss Nguyen Thi Mong Thuong. Talk to me because often disillusion feedback recalled two verses in the song "Violet flower sim" by Huu Loan that her pupil age he is enthralled me as upper mode time:
But not fatal fire and smoke boy
That the girls died under the post - Thanh Tuyen internal forces still deep in post-communist with the role of payment when expressing their music side of the body. This would also like to digress a bit on the arranger known fix is basically music of our compatriots on the past, the last sentence of music is often Mong Love Story "her appointment tomorrow he lives" so we automatically change sides is "her angry young abortion.  
Japanese school life at the extremely dramatic loss of brain masonry, were banned from singing Communist Vietnam should he and his family are very wrong of coal. Many underground at him to sing only in exchange for including rice, cooking oil tanks ... Than ôi! a talented artist as diverse as Japan, but also at school functions hiu distress to the this! 
Son point is worth saying that although he does trù bordering the patio is level with upright gas radiant smiles artist, not violence, to pray for khuất Security, he has never written a music that praised the regime flattering Others whole nation to shame seat punk label. Norway is the Universe disability khuất it.  Finally to 1993, Japan has set foot school within the United States to hand warm hospitality, full of sincere co-workers incubated artists and fans of his compatriots.       

Back cultural shows, Don Ho singing "Love the love last" is the style of performance is characterized pertinent. 

      Among the love song of Tran Thien Thanh, perhaps the music "Never separate the" is lyrical and romantic popular. Particularly for me is a sad memories unforgettable. Number is in the student activities office technology, I just finished singing this music is a friend to say is that adjacent ear "People love coming to your car and cotton. Sun ơi! Just ca "never separated" so soon after was "eternal way stop" then the result is pain over the fires have not you? Today, music is the ca by Kim Anh and Vu Tuan. Often hear the new song Now Kim Anh, bass voice still call and frisee cute hair, and despite the timeline accidentally color, Kim Anh also charming young beauty as ancient. Long skirts over cerulean gentle and witty performance style, she did make some viewers see "that they may, life still cute" much rather know. Thought should also say more about the origin of this love song as the words of the singer Minh Hieu Tran Thien Thanh has put the completion date had to run home to introduce Hongzhi and she was the first song of this.       

Next, all "U.S. Marine" is the Japanese Yen and Da with ca Tuan Khai a young vibrant images that highlight the young men love the sea most proud flowers once fermentation to remember every girl velvet bag train station away.
Ever, I thought the music "The trip of light is composed of musicians trying Manh Phat now I actually" turn back "when listening to female singers Thanh Tuyen certified music is raw Tran Thien Thanh's marine then he sold the copyright for Manh Phat. And "Trip to light" today is presented by Hoang Oanh and Trung Chinh. Hoang Oanh sweet voice communications still feel like that early. China Chỉnh own though busy with tu-beep also heavy debt situation ca. I remember feedback forty years ago, Middle School Chỉnh Nguyen Dinh Chieu My Tho after my second class, he would normally show up in the song written by tech help please compatriots Company Information Provincial organizations who have thought ten years later, his pupil became famous singer south.       

There are many stories that the book DVD Japanese school I discovered such as the one previously known singer voice bureaucracy is the son Thanh Thuy Phan Thiet with a Japanese flavor College, recounted how she heard this commemorative happy sad early pupil with him letters Tran Thien Thanh and also the way neighbors.
Summer 1966, flights accompanied Branch of the Air Force in the work of the enemy type, Tran Thien Thanh wrote the music "Snow White" that all men are preferred aircraft is the vocalist of the chickens the Si Phu and singer Philip Huy. Quote Si Phu video store at the time of birth gentle voice as clouds drift plus the free song Philip Huy also settled the peaceful, both drew a vast space mit mosquito with white clouds sky snowflakes. Write here, my mind to verse:   White still no disaster du du   (Thousand years wandering the white cloud) the song "Yellow Crane Tower" by poet limitation periods that saw predecessors and post-birth đám still feel the same connection. I was sitting alone on each aircraft altitude 30.000 feet through the window frame, that the phrase white clouds rolling grade class that I think of "Snow White" by Tran Thien Thanh.
Here the audience to enjoy one of the soldiers romantic music most romantic "The love of men" through language and song Ngoc Minh Doanh Company. Ngoc Minh though few appeared on stage but still charming style of, Business Enterprise with fresh young voice of St. exit. Old days, though still a student hand full of dreams but not white men but I want the words of ca Tran Thien Thanh that she's singing to me that: If they are not lovers of men , Who will pick you up after school on tan .
associated with her instant change back:

- British troops should be where the first song so.

I went VNA answer:
- Now is he is not a soldier but a recent date, then he will be the first soldier, the song now it was not a bit romantic?

Program was followed with vocalist and Bang Tam Phuong Dung in that song "Ta from the night - from which she sad. Go white label of the voice is still soaring high vibrations early thought of as far xua.The the young Bang Tam has attached at the right time to get more music of the flexible motion is surfing. Before that, I know the "Since then she sad" by Tran Thien Thanh written love story tells of the painful experiences of a girl with a soldier Phan Thiet gave up his place battle. 

1972 summer red fire, Battalion 11 Although the Nguyen Dinh Trung Ta Bao had his capital from the hill before Charlie sea power to attack more than two persons of the Vietnamese Communist divisions. Tiger Army Lake epidemic, hero named Nguyen Dinh Bao Temple had VNA debt mountain rivers meet. In the speech, writer Phan Nhat Nam was extremely touched to express regret and gratitude to Tran Thien Thanh thanks for the music of his troops sent to the new climate of known names pass pork intake Death messy as Charlie, Bastogne, Kregg ... and also empathy that's hard time risk VNCH War soldier. Tran Thien Thanh, and also wrote up so emotional about the sacrifice of Lieutenant Colonel Privacy majestic through the song "The stay Charlie" that Lam Thuy Van Lam Nhat Tien and with choking voice nực bloom scents Others audience hydrated lived return to the Highlands where the sun images Colonel Nguyen Dinh Bao radiant smiles the glory of soldiers of the Republic hilltop Charlie.

At this point, the Organizing Committee for the voice pronunciation of Japanese living at school funds. Voice young musicians hear sad financial system deposits flower ambiguous realms such a distance from any expectations of "If something would be said about me I just say that I am a very ordinary musicians, grew up during the primary campaign, it is affecting my music is beautiful and exciting images of soldiers for war VNCH I solemnly store until my eyes. " 

As mentioned above, sometimes Tran Thien Thanh popular music has a poem like song "widow poetry lamb" by Ha Huyen Chi through the presentation of the Diem Lien and Minh Shipping. Diem Lien at some later shook down shook his head as his voice ring performances and a soul than ru. Intelligent Information although not new but less skilled are matched pairs duet with Diem Lien. 

Tran Thien Thanh foreign talent also love writing music category of complaints about folk music contingent as well as "The Ao Ba Ba" is Ngoc Huyen presented the results correctly is the right person.
There are a few things to notice anyone until now and Vietnamese Loc Nam Dzung stated that many new music Tran Thien Thanh were referred to the green. Perhaps because the name of Tran Thien Thanh reasonable amount? Now you go with my legs under South Vietnamese Loc Dzũng music score with his blue.
Then one afternoon she showing any new clothes clouds over blue sky (early Spring Weddings)
Son hard life beyond university obscure blue sea (Sea salt)
Oh! Land on the cool green hills, the faint cry of love grass War (UK where he is not dead)
Appointment this afternoon and not see em, dress em lukewarm to the blue night (Story dating)
Left in the spring again to fire and smoke of war, spring is green, green like the situation with his children (encoded in Minutes)
Forest green Government green tree path (lower leaf forests)
Although the situation is fragile, when we love our blue heart (Love the last love)
Mail soldiers not sky blue color as the dream where you (Love letters of soldiers)
This blue shirt blue bay as tình ái (Snow White)
Colors like sky you know he has bồi feedback select color blue shirt (wait seven days forward)

There is a sad story in the life of the Japanese school where refugee Nam Loc has revealed that he had to the U.S. more than 13 years but only received a green card three months before he lies down. The artist is touring around the world is very specific to the Japanese school suffer tied hands and feet because green card. Sadly for him.
Arts next section, Mai Le Huyen still swaying with the lively young singers Anh Minh fresh through the song "Love is like no.

Alternative programs, singer Meilan spouse of a Japanese school voice filled with emotion has described the last moments of Young musicians Financial flowers, extremely calm him before going out and Convention to the final as he was resting on land home, Bao Loc district, Lam Dong Province. A moving image is at Meilan guide your little boy element of two of Tran Thien Anh Chi really cute the "Welcome to you. Here I saw many small audience of raw makes my tears fall down or not well at that. Sunday School ơi! Everyone is sorry his trade. Be peaceful abode where the eternal, a place with khongb hatred and injustice. 

Next, the music is famous Bolero''Story''and''dating''by the U.S. Virgins and Manh Dinh Tuan Chau said to show the mood of the boy was found short of training for climbing trees. Particularly the song "United virgin" originated from a species to see wildflowers, flowering shy but Tran Thien Thanh think of a romantic love story, then indeed he has a sensitive soul and very rich imagination. 

Excellent program of entertainment was ended with fun music agitation "for his application of the" two young vocal and lively Cadin Thien Huong. Listening music "raven" is inevitably have some audience feedback bồi recalls his ancient times also had a block house number and street children for pleasure is a nice way to address 36 Hoa Hung as he hí immediately hung the next day for rush entenue properly and to visit her three assistant fire because the number of crystals that ... Chi Hoa.  

Tran Thien Thanh on music people say he is the king Bolero because most music is composed as he can this example: English for the children, Snow White, Sometimes I fall sometimes, Weddings in Spring, Fort absence Spring afternoon, minute delivery season, never separated, the forest is low, Sea salt, to date him, Sixteen full moon, U.S. Marine, Han Mac Tu, Story dating, United afternoon, U.S. Virgins, from the Ta night, from which you sad ...
Tran Thien Thanh music in general is quietly shaking tunes feel appropriate for all people of all ages, lời bình ca allergic lovely people close to the soul, can easily sing tone Bolero mass. That is why many people love him like music.

After nearly four clock drop more fun sad memories on a home now thousands of identical and separated by the footsteps of the Japanese School of ups and downs, no one inevitably does not suck-lived transient little sympathy for him ca musician flower bad financial numbers. Please lower compression instructions eternal memorial he pleased. 

In short, this book is a DVD with high artistic value that we should celebrate with him as a musicians account is to leave flowers just how sorry trade in the thought of fans.  

Sunday School ơi! He is not where he died.    
Toronto April 24, 2006                                     Nguyen Tran

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