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Thứ Hai, 18 tháng 1, 2010

Lam Phuong

He was born in the village of Vinh Thanh Van, now Van Vinh Thanh Ward, Rach Gia city, Kien Giang province.

He is one of the pioneering musicians of the new music of South Vietnam with about 200 works.

15 years old when he wrote the afternoon he collected until 1954 but he was famous for two new Kiep ngheo and chuyen do vi tuyen.

His popular music tone mambo but with so many diverse topics. Speak up feelings about the migration in 1954 with chuyên do vi tuyen,nhac rung khuya,doan nguoi lu thu,nang dep mien nam.
In 1958 he enlist Army of the Republic of Vietnam and his music also reflects the War of Love with his troops the war, marched Afternoon, Night long front line. He joined the Radio and Army Special Arts Group.  
Living outside music, he collaborated with the theater and the theater Thuy Hang Beauty "Live" by theater artist Tuy Hong.

In 1975 he left Saigon on the ship "Changchun" with 4,000 people on April 30. Ship but a broken computer merchants Denmark pulled into Hong Kong refugees. Lam Phuong settled to the U.S. but moved to Paris, France.

Time overseas composed his character's emotions more.

In 1995 he returned to settle in the United States.

Lam Phuong early 1999 were disasters cerebral vascular and paralyzed people. Health was restored in part but not same.

Generations of singers known as lyrical music is mature music from the Lam Phuong.
+Some typical work 

  • chieu thu ay(1952)
  • chuyen do vi tuyen (1954)
  • kiep ngheo(1954)
  • Khúc ca ngày mùa
  • Trăng thanh bình
  • Đoàn người lữ thứ
  • Chiều tàn
  • Sầu Cố đô
  • Lá thư Miền Trung
  • Bức tâm thư
  • Nắng đẹp Miền Nam
  • Tình anh lính chiến
  • hiều hành quân
  • Đêm dài chiến tuyến
  • Buồn mà chi
  • Biết đến bao giờ
  • Kiếp tha hương
  • Mùa thu yêu đương
  • ình hồng Paris
  • Cho em quên tuổi ngọc
  • Tình vẫn chưa yên
  • Lầm
  • Một đời tan vỡ
  • Từ ngày có em về
  • Tình đẹp như mơ
  • Bài tango cho em
  • Cỏ úa
  • Một mình
  • Tình bơ vơ
    +Retro music Poetry of the glass origin.
    There are places, as mentioned, the heart restless mind and panic prompted a certain space of time has khuất but negative effects. Hanoi in poetry Hoang Anh Tuan, Hoang Duong in music; poets Nguyen Sa in Saigon, Nguyen Dinh Toan in music. Hanoi in Mai Thao custom pen, or memories Vu Bang; Saigon in short Ta Ty, or customized pen Phien Vo ...

    Those glasses Made exile, when the weather changes, hearing the sound echo in the soul of the waves, the day the sea. People in Vietnam, life was available to the exit. Since immigrating to date evacuate, know how many hearts heavy with the Exchange of the world a thunderstorm. Poetry, literature, music, transport confided time. The sentence, the words poetry, these comments reflect the music life of an extremely special nation was too familiar with war, fire and smoke and mourning ...

    Saigon, after 1975. Hanoi, after 1954. The city's Retro time he. 1954, millions of people leaving the North sweep south to freedom, the great migration of people desperate Communists. 1975, Communism occupy the entire country. Hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate foreigners after each round to overcome the sea of millions of people. Space, time, of the above events, the environment and to motivate artists to create works of literature or music reflects the era of mind situation. A similar Retro music throughout the half century long has given us the music to life. The music that is longer than the life of the life of the author created it. Musicians have a long khuất football, but music products still alive, also singing and audience also heard and fans. A time, through the preferential filtering, music could exist must have been drawing from the language and rhythms of music. And especially suitable to the center from each period, each person's circumstances when he heard tunes.

    For me, music is the part my life. The music, a reminder on a month passed. Hear it, like a past life. Childhood that is celebrated. Childhood that is what I follow the stretch of private life. Sometimes, forgotten but suddenly thought about the memories. Have friends, Mr. Tran Thang, a producer with many famous music and video titled central Asia, has spread, Cloud, I was processing the "he was just like the" antique "is not that such attention to what the the new music composed, people like the music I developed. I just smiled but thought, Yeah, I just like what for me is whether chamber music or mass music, old music or new music children music. I have very old tape music, sound heard more than a dog-cheap, but I still retain. And, if anyone has the old music that I like, I record it to listen. Mood or he is probably not much, but then used definition, how. Many times, I hear music in the unconscious, at reading, driving or even at the time is short chờn sleep. The same way that listening to music as he does not listen to music probably is not a person's proficiency in music. But there is also a part of my life, even just a minute a second. I live a minute. I feel the music as well as a second, although the two ears "deaf music" ...

    In 1954, my family emigrated to the South. Are elementary school, strange scenes strangers, mind you, such as white paper, but I still remember like in the song that I sing in the neck near the school hours activities. Meantime, xiet believe how exciting. Music "Go South" by Trong Khuong remind my childhood days:

    "Standing up any area including the youth patriotism
    Towards the south this morning dear sun
    As one grows old wound on the foot path
    How afraid to buy any more wind dew.
    River cut off any pair of places
    River which rend my heart
    I love River Vietnamese men die strangled ơi! "

    He song, to me, naturally prompted and forget the faces of childhood. The teacher, teacher stubs old center is. With language and rhythms of music, is stepped back. That sacred territory of life, which eventually goes through time, deep in the subconscious. New country, open up the optimism, the old green innocence but plenty of desire ... songs like a line to start a trust chain. Accidentally, the song as a contact to open a circuit to the song my own life movie.

    But other songs, are often the sadness, soak the expected direction chốn country lived far away. Hundreds of songs share the same music. Not only songs he, but many other songs, many other feature films, asked to recall specific period of the country. An overview, the presentation "Love and Longing at the Border: Songs On Both Sides of the 17th Parallel" by Jason Gibbs in the seminar of the Popular Culture Association in San Antonio, Texas, then up to 18 songs of migrants to remember old home far. As: "A Nhịp North Bridge" by Hoang Trong, Ho Dinh Phuong words, "Special Customs Department, the Deputy National Thang," Wait Anh Em Nhe "of Xuan Tien, Japanese words Bang," Chuyen Do Vi Tuyen "by Lam Phuong, "Dream repatriation" of Vu Thanh, "Han Huong Ly" by Ngoc Anh Hoa and Lang, "How to Land the North" by Deputy National Thang, "How on Hanoi's Hoang Duong, letter sent mother "of the Nguyen Hien, Thai Thao words," Mong on repatriation "of Hoang Trong, Ho Dinh Phuong, Huong deep analysis" of Lam Phuong, Thu Huong Ly "With the Japanese and Danish Tho, Tinh Do "by Lam Phuong Manh Thuong words," Go Ben Xua "by Hien Nguyen, Huan Shan words," Hope Gu Do "by Dan Tho Japanese Bang," Xa Que Huong "by Dan Tho, Tien Xuan, Xuan Huong ly" by Deputy National Fu .. The full list has yet to do, missing a substantial "Rainy Saigon, Hanoi Rain" by Pham Dinh Chuong, Hoang Anh Tuan poem, "Seasonal flowers No" of the money supply, ...

    In the songs he, Hanoi, as a statue of the mind. He city, to leave to go far to make the same anguish. Hanoi ơi! There must be uttered cries on the debris broken heart. Not me, but overall many people, the holy city of Hanoi recalled. At high school, the city reminds me more impressive and immersive especially Paris and Hanoi. At that time, I can only hope to set foot on. Paris's boy Vincent in the book "De Cours de Langues et Civilisations" by Professor Mauger know how many images open the attraction. Now Hanoi, a "Night Farewell From Hanoi" by Mai Thao, a "cancer" by Thanh Tam Tuyen, or music "How on Hanoi's Hoang Duong:

    "Hanoi ơi! The fun was on the go
    Know but just remember,
    Then all moments of separation
    Hanoi ơi, legendary design tha love thuot Topic
    How wind pear drop hair oath
    Where he said on em on "

    Space separated thousands of germs. Separation wonderful time with. Command denh life suddenly divided between two sad memory and hope. There will be a return, there must be?. But life as cold stream lapse back. Ly flavor and expatriates, as Ben rivers divide the country customs.

    Pham Dinh Chuong Hoang Anh Tuan popular music poetry: "Rain Saigon, Hanoi Rain", a song that when immigrants listening capita Left:

    "Rainy sunset over the city to complete pig may
    Once you instructions hair days
    Oh cousin of Princess sword sunset
    Preferred treatment after the old entrance dreamed mild
    Trade ivory colored shirt
    Trade lovely eyes
    Gentle hard-set tha ... "

    And, then more. "Flight boat latitude" of Lam Phuong,

    "Night is the moon so bright he ơi,
    how do we go by the river two silver color ... "

    "North a bridge" by Hoang Trong, Ho Dinh Phuong Reply

    "Cold lùng Southern dream green trees along the lake.
    Dogs look lived Northern rice distance would expect.
    Because a river clear translucent. Love life sometimes leaves the shores ... "

    "Hope Gu Do" by Denmark and Japan By Tho

    "Hanoi ơi! How far you want to match positive.
    The way down at fog.
    Find where Ho shadow sword please include hospitality business .. "

    "Seasonal flowers No" of the money supply

    "Afternoon rain never remember the brand.
    North Road go wrong far fuzzy, ambiguous.
    Planted commercial birds remember.
    Questions free country ... "

    ... The music he, like the river drift by the music and each consecutive times to a nostalgic concept, the earnest cries of gold up from the wonderful remote places: Hanoi. Free songs, words shift, not merely a track that goes further, to a share, memories of a part of life. How many years, with many chamber music or the mass, performed by great singers, the music he still lives, from the temporary peace to the war fiercely. Few decades, has not faded in the heart of emotional audience ...

    1975, also rose to the nation aquatic Left Vietnam. Reunification, peace but prison camp opened around the country. Economic dwarf defeat, the harsh situation, people suffering hunger. Then type investment products, money and plunder of the people making millions of people to find out the origin of land life. We film things like I want to live, land Protestant, .. suddenly a reality. And, like serial music Retro Left. Center from where the belief of generations, the time Now clearly reflected. In overseas, stop the homeland, the heart of Saigon tan crushed. Nhạc lời ca free pitches expected to send to the distance of the two banks of the ocean.

    Not just musicians writing new music overseas expatriates nostalgic concept that the composer still in the country also composed in the mind feel the same. Saigon, when I mentioned all the separation, forever special. Nguyen Dinh Toan, when he wrote in the "Eye for Saigon Water":

    "Saigon ơi! I lost have lost people like the name nguopi
    river water around the same as sad
    as far away in the heart
    I regards to your mind is not there?
    Saigon ơi! Oh the days of tumultuous street
    In question offers free fun
    Bright colors life fresh consultation
    What is also where ... "

    Song he, being a writer in the irony that "music is a complete loss of a city name. He forgot that the name of Saigon was a leader full of products crimes: Ho Chi Minh. But who knows Sea oil, the name Stalingrad or Leningrad in Soviet Russia was called back early before the old city. Saigon Saigon is still news.

    And, I'm not a very understanding about music but also have heard the theme music nostalgic nostalgic and desire to return to the liberal democratic country. As "Saigon not remember the name of faith" by Nguyen Dinh Toan, "Saigon ơi forever special", "sad the evacuation" of Nam Loc, "Remember the Night Saigon" by Shen Tu Thien, "Trade remember Saigon "by Pham Duy," remember the moon Night Saigon "Du Tu Le poetry, music, Pham Dinh Chuong," As far Saigon, poet Kim Tuan, Le Uyen Phuong music, "For a city the name" poet Hoang Ngoc An, Pham Dinh Chuong music, "Saigon feel song" by Tran Chi Phuc, ...

    I love the music speak for me from the heart and desire. Level as long, many people also like me. I just love and love but do not set standards or bad. There are times, listening to old music, driven by feedback. Xon gasoline. I know one thing is certain music have the same living and breathing along with me in a common human birth. Where can I cut someone's going to be a spiritual .... As brought to delete songs Retro love my hometown of times, my peoples ... Although, who is the regime of Communist disguise existing credit. Songs he, there is evidence for a period full of events awarded the pain. Separation, hatred, killing, talk homeland, my country ....

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